21 March 2024, 19:04

The Business Security Index was calculated based on Sayenko Kharenko’s joint research report

Sayenko Kharenko

The Business Security Index is a comprehensive indicator that measures the level of security in a country or region based on an analysis of various aspects such as economic stability, political stability, social cohesion, legal protection, cybersecurity and other factors that affect the overall security situation.  

The index is calculated using data from international organisations and research, which allows to obtain an objective and comprehensive assessment of the security of the environment.     

The calculation involves indicators covering various security aspects, economic situation, legal framework, and the business environment. This provides a detailed analysis of the security and stability conditions for businesses and society. It considers a wide range of factors that affect the country’s economic and social prosperity, such as corruption, political rights, civil liberties, and state stability. 

The results of the survey “Security Assessment: Doing Business in Ukraine”, conducted by Sayenko Kharenko, the European Business Association, and SK Security, were also taken into consideration. 

For more information regarding the Business Security Index results, please visit the following link.


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