11 February 2023, 10:43

Dmytro Marchukov Spoke at the Asset Recovery International Conference in Dublin


Dmytro Marchukov, partner and Head of Cross-Border Litigation at INTEGRITES, took part in the Fraud and Asset Recovery in Times of War panel session at the 5th Asset Recovery International conference organised by Informa Connect in Dublin on 1 – 3 February 2023.

With Russia-Ukraine war among its key highlights, the event gathered more than 250 thought leaders and international experts specialized in the cross-border asset recovery and international economic fraud. The panel specifically focused on the impact of the war on current and future fraud and asset recovery litigation.

During his presentation, Dmytro Marchukov addressed the latest developments with regards to the freezing and forfeiting Russian assets globally and specifically in Ukraine, spoke about the potential for recognition abroad of Ukrainian judgments against Russia and outlined the impact of the large-scale sanctions imposed on Russia since the beginning of the war. He also mentioned the need to adapt international law in order to provide proper instruments for cross-border recovery from Russia and its oligarchs.

Lastly, Dmytro Marchukov described the outstanding resilience of business in Ukraine and specifically the legal market during the war, as well as dramatic transformations it has been facing over the last year.


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