18 March 2022, 10:12

ETERNA LAW continues to provide assistance to Ukrainian refugees abroad


Since ETERNA LAW announced its readiness to help Ukrainian refugees abroad in collaboration with its European partner law firms two weeks ago, they have received dozens of appeals and helped applicants with temporary free accommodation and free legal assistance on various aspects of law.

ETERNA LAW’s partner Oksana Kneychuk comments: “We believe in Ukraine’s victory in the terrible war in which Russia’s aggression has drawn us in, but none of us knows how long this war will last. That is why we and our European partners are ready to continue to help our compatriots. During this time, we have been able to help dozens of applicants. And of course, it is always not just about one applicant, there is always a tragic story of the whole family. I would like to thank once again all those who do not stay away from the Ukrainian tragedy and help within their means.”

As previously reported, in collaboration with a number of leading law firms from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Cyprus, Latvia, Romania, Austria, and Turkey, ETERNA LAW has launched a legal assistance program with the forced relocation of businesses and individuals to these countries. Services for individuals are provided pro bono (free of charge), while services for legal entities are provided on a commercial basis.

For inquiries about temporary placement and business relocation assistance, please contact ETERNA LAW’s partner Oksana Kneychuk: kneychuk@eterna.law.


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