12 June 2024, 15:11

EVERLEGAL signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Professional Association of Environmentalists of the World (PAEW)


EVERLEGAL is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Professional Association of Environmentalists of the World (PAEW). This cooperation is aimed at supporting the environmental transformation and training of highly qualified personnel for the green reconstruction of Ukraine.


PAEW is an international non-governmental organization that unites more than 7000 environmentalists, providing professional development and exchange of experience among professionals from around the world. PAEW's goal is to create tools for environmental transformation in all areas and industries.

The war in Ukraine has resulted in large-scale human losses, a humanitarian crisis, economic disruption, and significant negative environmental impacts. Soil, air, and water pollution, forest fires, and ecosystem destruction have become inherent realities of today. Given these challenges, it is important to prepare for Ukraine's reconstruction based on the best international practices and principles.

"Ukraine has a chance to become a leader of green transformations by implementing the European Green Deal. To do this, it is necessary to have not only strategies, but also qualified personnel capable of implementing these strategies in practice.” - Oleksandr Ruzhytskyi, Partner at EVERLEGAL.

As part of the all-Ukrainian study “Green Managers: Personnel for the Green Reconstruction of Ukraine” initiated by PAEW, the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful green transformation were identified. The study showed that training of lawyers and professional development of employees of state bodies, local governments, law enforcement agencies and judges is critical.

As part of the Memorandum, EVERLEGAL and PAEW established the Environmental Law Institute with the following priorities:

  1. Preparation of proposals for amendments to the curriculum of the Environmental Law discipline and their submission to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and higher education institutions.

  2. Development of a special course for students with the involvement of practicing experts to provide practical skills in the field of environmental law.

  3. Developing lectures for representatives of local governments to improve the efficiency of exercising their powers in the field of environmental protection and green reconstruction.

  1. Development of a training course for representatives of state supervisory authorities with the involvement of practicing environmentalists, scientists and lawyers.

Quality education is a key aspect of the development of every modern person. That is why this cooperation has a targeted value for EVERLEGAL, as it is a direct contribution to systemic changes to improve the educational process and overcome the personnel crisis in Ukraine, and is another step towards achieving the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals, namely 

  • Goal 4: Quality education

The Green Managers project is being implemented at the initiative of PAEW with the support of UNDP Ukraine / UNDP in Ukraine. Cooperation with EVERLEGAL will contribute to the formation of a strong legal human resource capacity necessary for the environmental transformation of Ukraine.


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