07 September 2023, 10:03

All-Ukrainian educational project EVERLEGAL & USAID/ENGAGE


In the summer of 2023, EVERLEGAL and USAID/ENGAGE implemented an educational project to provide legal support to civil society organizations (CSOs), small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and Ukrainian citizens.

Project goal:

  • Providing citizens, as well as national and local CSOs and SMEs, with knowledge about martial law and other regulatory changes introduced during the war

  • Providing participants with practical advice on their life, work, and volunteer activities under martial law and ways to address new challenges properly

Project result - In 3 months have implemented the following:

  • 12 events (4 offline, 8 online)

  • Covered more than 20 relevant topics

  • Involved more than 10 project partners in Ukraine

More than 100 organizations (CSOs) and companies (MHP) received online legal support in different parts of Ukraine.

  • 1753 participants (citizens, businesses, and CSOs) joined online trainings

  • We covered almost all major cities of Ukraine online. We were joined by people from all regions, which emphasized the relevance of the events and their necessity in the new realities

Project innovation:

  • Coverage of 3 categories of the population at once: citizens, businesses, and CSOs Practical consideration of all topics 

  • Individual additional materials for each training: "Legal guides", contract templates, legal instructions, etc. that participants will be able to use in their activities in the future

  • Extensive theoretical framework with all the changes during martial law

  • Analysis of real problem cases of participants during the events

  • Use of modern approaches to training, in particular: conducting interactive online quizzes in chatbots for preliminary assessment of participants' knowledge and analysis of problematic topics during trainings

 In 3 months, EVERLEGAL and USAID/ENGAGE were able to provide legal support to three extremely important categories of the population: citizens, SMEs, and CSOs - who suffered from the hostilities and needed high-quality, comprehensive, and effective legal support during martial law.

The EVERLEGAL project and USAID/ENGAGE are great examples of what business and the public sector can do when united by a common goal of helping Ukraine and its citizens.

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