11 March 2019, 18:31

Interlegal charged debt amounting to 75,000 Euros for the insurance company


A large international insurance company filed a request to Interlegal on recovery of the paid insurance amount (75,000 Euros) from the guilty party, as subrogation.

Insurance amount was paid due to loss of the insured cargo – coffee transported from Ukraine to the South Africa and located at the Odessa Sea Port at the moment of loss.

International freight forwarder was a party who failed to fulfill its contractual obligations upon securing cargo preservation in the process of carriage, in the framework of relations with the initial creditor.

With regards to complex structure of contractual relations between the parties engaged in cargo carriage organization process and reputation risks to be borne due to the court proceedings, in order to reduce time and costs, Interlegal lawyers initiated pretrial settlement of the dispute.

Finally, four months of hard work upon holding negotiations, collecting evidence and arguments, justifying the Client’s legal position against the debtor, resulted in success. The Client received damage reimbursement in full.

Interlegal associate attorney Mikhail Selivanov, junior lawyer Taras Dragan, under the general supervision of senior associate Karyna Gorovaya, led the case.


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