27 December 2016, 16:05

Mykola Stetsenko told about results of the legal business in Ukraine

Mykola Stetsenko, Managing Partner of AVELLUM, told about results of the legal business in Ukraine.

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_MG_2216 preferred M Stetsenko(1) In your opinion, how would you assess the 2016 for Ukrainian legal business?

In general, we expected more transactional work. However, we cannot say that it has been a relaxed year, since most of the firms showed high workload.

How would you assess this year for your company?

For AVELLUM, 2016 definitely was a year of successful and landmark projects. A number of banking transactions are worth mentioning, in particular the acquisition of Ukrsotsbank by Alfa Group. A good example is the acquisition of Lohika, a leading software engineering services firm, by Altran, a global leader in innovation and high-tech engineering consulting. The pharmaceutical market witnessed Farmak’s investment in Poland. We advised on almost all major debt restructurings in Ukraine. We also handle complex arbitral and judicial disputes. 

Please name three main events/accomplishments in 2016 for your firm?

We are proud of the Ukraine Law Firm of the Year award received by AVELLUM this spring from the International Finance Law Review. The credit for this award goes to the whole team that had been working on a number of complex and challenging projects. On no account are we planning to relax. To the contrary, such recognition is a strong motivation to work and evolve not only for the partners, but first of all for the whole team.

Also, I must point out the refreshed visual identity of AVELLUM and the launch of its new web-site. We worked on this project for more than six months and we are really proud of the result, as we can already see the quality changes in the implementation of our marketing strategy. We received a lot of positive feedback about our web-site, and we can already say that we have created a certain trend on the market by raising the ante on digital presence. We managed to double the time spent by the user on our web-site and to halve the amount of rejections (cases when a user closes the web-site after viewing only one page).

And of course, I can’t but mention all the events that happened to AVELLUM team. These are not the accomplishments that are made public in press releases J This is day-to-day work of partners and HR department aimed at ensuring comfortable environment for AVELLUM’s team taken as a whole and caring about each employee in particular. This year we have significantly upgraded workstations and equipment for our employees in addition to the movement into a new, larger and more comfortable office. We also invest a lot of resources into the development of our team. We never arrange any involuntary team building events. This year, however, we’ve had more than 20 corporate events in which members of our team participated.

New Year greetings to the colleagues.

First of all, I wish health to your dear ones. They are our comfort and support. They motivate and help us move on. I also wish you to make wise and carefully weighed decisions and come off difficult situations with honour. Finally, I would like to remind you that happiness is not a destination, it’s a journey J I also wish you to learn lessons even from problems, see beautiful in little things, and enjoy every day communication.


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