13 November 2017, 11:14

The court recognized GAFTA International Arbitration award in Ukraine

Interlegal secured recognition and permission to enforce GAFTA International Arbitration award in Ukraine.

Within the court proceedings, Interlegal lawyers justified lawfulness of GAFTA International Arbitration award and facilitated the conditions of its enforcement in Ukraine.

Under the Ukrainian court realities, with regards to the debtor’s passive position – to evade justice, this stage forces the claimant to take active position in order to motivate the court upon prompt settlement of the relevant procedural issues.

One of the main issues settled at this stage concerned minimizing the terms of case consideration by the Ukrainian court, cooperating with Interlegal team – senior lawyer Karyna Gorovaya and lawyer Mikhail Selivanov.

The Ukrainian court decision, arising from consideration of the relevant application and recognition and granting permission to enforce GAFTA International Arbitration award, serves as grounds for initiating the last stage – to enforce the international arbitration award.

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