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10 August 2017, 11:51

New victory of Interlegal in arbitration of LMAA


A foreign shipowner applied to Interlegal in connection with charterer`s failure to pay a part of the hire due under the terms of the Shelltime 4 time charter party, and a bunker debt for the shipowner`s fuel supplied to the vessel at the request of the charterer.

The claim for payment of bunker debt and hire was based on the principles and provisions of the English law applicable under the charter party. The client decided to refer the dispute to LMAA.

The arbitration proceedings resulted in a Tribunal issuing an arbitral award in favor of the claimant. The Tribunal allowed the claim of the shipowner in full, finding the charterer liable to pay the amount of the bunker debt of over USD 190,000, the unpaid hire balance under the charter party of more than USD 250,000, as well as compound interest.

The case was run by Interlegal experts, senior lawyer Andrey Perepelitsa and lawyer Ekaterina Gadetskaya.

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