21 December 2017, 12:48

Interlegal started and finished the year 2017 with the victory at LMAA arbitration


Having started 2017 with winning the London arbitration proceedings, Interlegal is finishing this year with one more success.

A large foreign charterer, defendant under the LMAA arbitration proceedings on demurrage recovery under the voyage charter party, applied to Interlegal for defense of its interests. Having studied case materials, Interlegal lawyers found out that arbitration clause in the charter party (in Russian) prescribed ambiguous dispute settlement venue and had no reference to arbitration authority and arbitration regulation. Having received a claim drafted by the British solicitors, Interlegal lawyers, in the framework of the Arbitration Act 1996, drafted and submitted feasible objections in respect to jurisdiction.

Under the English law, tribunal may rule on its own jurisdiction independently. In the process of long-term exchange of commentaries and language expertize of the arbitration clause in the charter party, Interlegal lawyers proved the arbitration clause deficiency. LMAA Tribunal made an award on lack of its own jurisdiction in respect of dispute consideration and imposed all the legal costs on the claimant.

Interlegal junior lawyer Anna Averina under the supervision of senior lawyer Andrey Perepelitsa led the case.

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