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28 July 2017, 14:54

Interlegal performed successfully claims handling using ship arrest as instrument of dispute settlement


A Client – large European bunkering company filed a request to Interlegal on debt recovery due to non-payment for bunker and oil supply.

A Lebanese company requested the Client to supply bunker and lubricants against payment within 45 days from the moment of supply.

The Client fulfilled its duties in full and within the prescribed term, as confirmed by Bunker Receipts, but bunker supply remained unpaid.

Despite the Client’s numerous requests to recover the debt, the Debtor maliciously evaded its duty.

Due to arisen conflict, the Client had to apply to Interlegal for defense of its violated rights.

Under results of negotiations and the Debtor’s negative mood, Interlegal lawyers analyzed the current situation, assessed the documents and drafted the plan on bunker debt recovery.

Since the Debtor did not intend to refund the debt, Interlegal lawyers treated ship arrest as effective instrument of dispute settlement and initiated promptly ship arrest procedure at all the Ukrainian sea ports as preventive measures.

With regards to risks and costs related to ship arrest, the Debtor joined negotiations and recovered debt in full.

Due to full debt recovery, Interlegal experts rejected the claim and completed trial proceedings.

Practice shows that ship arrest, as instrument of dispute settlement based on maritime claim, is effective and rarely requires for trial proceedings. A correct instrument and tactics of negotiations results in urgent defense of the creditors’ interests.

Interlegal senior lawyer Alexey Remeslo and lawyer Vitalii Tolstik led the case.

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