15 December 2017, 10:41

Interlegal experts have analyzed the Client’s trade and logistic schemes


One of the largest global traders filed a request to Interlegal upon diagnostics of a trade scheme applicable at the Ukrainian domestic market.

In Ukraine traders face the risk of goods arrest by law enforcement bodies or retention by unfair counteragents.

A correct trade scheme and duly organization of document flow is required for such risk mitigation.

Interlegal experts made a complex analysis of trade and logistic schemes applied by the client in Ukraine for the purpose of the purchased goods further supply for export and gave practical recommendation upon correcting trade contracts and agreements concluded by the client for the purpose of goods logistics.

Special attention was drawn to the issues of cargo customs clearance, correct cooperation between the client and all the elements of trade and logistic chain and defense of trader against unlawful actions of law enforcement bodies and unfair suppliers.

Interlegal law team under supervision of senior lawyers Karyna Gorovaya and Alexey Remeslo led the project.

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