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05 September 2018, 11:32

Interlegal completed successfully LMAA arbitration


Interlegal completed successfully LMAA arbitration on demurrage recovery from the Charterer amounting to 31,000 USD. Demurrage arose at the loading port due to delay in executing consignment documents by the Consignor.

LMAA small claim procedure arbitrator, appointed by the Association due to the Defendant’s evasion to arrange the single arbitrator, considered the case. Interlegal lawyers under supervision of the senior lawyer Andrey Perepelitsa led the case.

It should be noted that consideration of disputes on quite small claim amounts under the LMAA General Arbitration Rules may be unprofitable for the Claimant; therefore it is more reasonable to apply Small Claims Procedure, with a relevant option set forth in the contract arbitration clause.

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