14 June 2019, 10:32

Golden visa and e-residence in Europe

What questions are asked by investors who invest in real estate abroad? What is the situation on the market today and what are the prospects for its development in the future.

Cyprus and Malta today are the most popular because of their passport programs for non-residents.  For several years these countries have been issuing passports to foreign investors in exchange for investments.  However, a prerequisite for obtaining a "Golden Visa" - the presence of local real estate.

Cyprus and Malta

In the case of Cyprus, we are talking about investments from € 500, 000, while if you invest from € 2 million, you will not need to invest in other assets.

Malta program implies an investment of € 350, 000, besides, as an investor, you can also rent an object at a price of € 16, 000 per year for 5 years.


One of the most promising countries providing investors with a residence permit is Georgia.  According to the rating of the safest countries in the world by Global Finance, Georgia ranks 49th among 128 countries with the best indicator in the region.  International SOS also included Georgia in the list of countries with a low level of danger for tourists in 2019, according to the level of economic development and the threat to the safety of people living in the country.  Such statistics attracts millions of vacationers and investors from around the world.  Georgia is attractive for foreign investors due to its more than affordable Golden Visa program - after all, it is necessary to invest only $ 35,000 in the economy of this country!


Andorra is considered the tax haven of Europe; therefore, obtaining a residence of this principality is very popular with foreigners.  One of the fastest and most affordable ways to obtain a residence permit in this country is the "Golden Visa" program.  The minimum investment amount is 400,000 euros, in addition, a deposit of 50,000 euros is needed for the main applicant, and 10,000 euros for each family member, since his spouse or children, as well as children, receive a visa together with the applicant.

The objects of investment can be real estate and companies that are registered in Andorra, and government bonds and deposits.

 "Golden visa" will allow you and your loved ones, because it applies to them too:

 • optimize the payment of taxes,

 • receive education in the best universities in Europe,

 • travel without any restrictions,

 • to live legally in a civilized society with a high standard of living.

It is also worth mentioning the e-residence in Estonia.  E-residence is one of the most notorious “e-projects” in Estonia, which is aimed at entrepreneurs wishing to register a business in Estonia, taxes on which are paid to the Estonian treasury.  Externally, this is the same ID-card with a chip as the residents of Estonia, but it does not give its holder the right to enter the territory of Estonia or another country of the Schengen zone, but allows you to fully conduct business from any country in the world online.

You can learn all the details of this program and the program of other countries at the 10th International Conference and Exhibition InvestPro Ukraine, Kyiv 2019 on June 24 at the Hilton Kyiv.

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