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08 September 2017, 11:12

Defense from unlawful actions of law enforcement bodies: questions and answers


The issue of the company business safety including defense from unlawful actions of law enforcement bodies still remains vital for Interlegal clients.

Within the Personal Attorney Service practice, a training course was held for large IT Company. Training course touched the following issues: plan of actions under search at the enterprise, personnel rights and obligations, modeling and analysis of possible situations.

Our trainer Vitalii Tolstik shared his long-term experience related to searches, including how to act by law enforcement officers, how to avoid negative effects, how to overcame fear of law enforcement officers by the company staff and how to decrease the probability of unlawful withdrawal/leakage of information, documents and personal effects.

A lot of questions were asked to the trainer and the whole audience could receive answers thereto, while the theme itself raised a vivid discussion.

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