24 May 2018, 16:11

Asters launches CyberDesk


Asters has gathered a team of leading cybersecurity, IT, and legal professionals to launch СyberDesk - an integrated platform for cybersecurity solutions, services, and advice for clients facing ever-expanding threats in cyberspace.

CyberDesk has its own R&D lab for developing security solutions for IoT and blockchain projects, behavioral biometrics research, simulating cyberattacks and creating sustainable risk assessment tools.

The lead experts of CyberDesk's are Yuriy Kotliarov, the Chair of TMT practice at Asters and one of the most recognized legal experts in the tech&comms field in Ukraine, and founder and CEO of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Center Igor Kotsiuba. Igor has an outstanding record of implementing the best global information security practices and providing services to national and transnational companies in the fields of information security, cybersecurity and digital investigations in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as conducting researches for the European Commission in the IoT and cybersecurity spheres.

"Cyberspace is a dimension any business wants to feel secure in, and cyber threats might cause by far more damage than natural disasters. Ukraine, like many other countries, is now shaping its legal framework for cybersecurity, with the Cybersecurity Law effective on May 9, 2018 being only the first step.

With all the capabilities and expertise of our TMT practice we certainly want to be in the loop and provide versatile cybersecurity advice with profound understanding of both technology and law. We expect critical infrastructure to become our main industry focus as we see a growing demand for guidance in navigating the newly introduced CI security requirements", - comments Yuriy Kotliarov.

Further information about the CyberDesk's team and capabilities is available at https://www.uacyberdesk.com.

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