05 July 2022, 13:00

The banking system during the war: a view of the situation of the NBU and lawyers


Semen Khanin, Managing Partner of AMBER Law Firm, PhD, AAU Board Member, Honoured Lawyer of Ukraine, moderated the ON-LAW marathon "Business at War: Finance and the Banking System".

The speakers at the marathon were: - Pervin DADASHOVA, Director of Financial Stability Department of the National Bank of Ukraine; - Vladimir DUBEY, chairman of the board of directors of TAScombank JSC.

During the event Semen Khanin asked the participants a question about - organising work in the first days of a major offensive; - assessment of banks' solvency and liquidity; - dual exchange rate; - new discount rate of25%; - additional restrictions from the banks, not related to finmonitoring or other requirements of the regulator; - possibility of restrictions on deposit withdrawals; - relationships with correspondent banks.

At the end of the discussion, Semen Khanin noted the steadfastness and stamina of the bankers and said that they should be rewarded after the war. The main thing, Mr. Khanin stressed, is the communication of the National Bank with the citizens, explaining the processes in simple language. This is what will eliminate misunderstandings and fears.


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