07 April 2021, 13:54

EVERLEGAL acted as a legal counsel to UDP Renewables in an investment partnership agreement with Nebras Power


This deal provides for an acquisition of a controlling stake in 6 (six) companies operating solar power plants of client UDPR: "Scythia-Solar-1", "Scythia-Solar-2", "Free-Energy Henichesk", "Port-Solar", "Terslav" and "Sun Power Pervomaisk".

EVERLEGAL & UDPR new project_eng (1) The next stage of the partnership will be the implementation of new wind energy projects, which will allow UDPR to increase its share in the production of "green" electricity in Ukraine.

Within this project, EVERLEGAL team provided full legal support to UDP Renewables. The team was led by EVERLEGAL Partner and Head of Energy practice Andriy Olenyuk, together with the professional Energy team consisting of Managing Partner Yevheniy Deyneko, Senior Associate Yuliia Kylchynska, Associates Olha Horodniuk, and Lidiia Vatutina. They provided comprehensive legal support to the client during development and construction of the projects, prepared and negotiated transactional documents (including sale and purchase agreements and shareholder agreements), drafted and ensured receipt of the corporate approvals required for the transaction.

In addition, EVERLEGAL advised the client in relation to a number of employment, banking, and financial matters.

 EVERLEGAL Antitrust and Competition Practice Team, consisting of Senior Associate Mykhailo Gurin, Associates Adriana Kryveshko, and Khrystyna Yermenchuk, advised UDPR on regulatory matters and obtaining AMCU approvals for concentration.

Support of this deal is of particular importance for EVERLEGAL, since cooperation between Ukrainian and Qatar companies will help to build an innovative economy and develop the Ukrainian renewable energy sector, which consequently will help to reduce its carbon footprint.

Achieving these goals underpins the direction of sustainable development at EVERLEGAL, and their team is sincerely pleased to include another significant #Sustainability project into team's results: https://everlegal.ua/en/practices/sustainability

All members of EVERLEGAL team congratulate UDP Renewables and Nebras Power on a successful strategic partnership and congratulates all project partners whose contributions have helped to implement this deal.


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