05 April 2021, 18:46

Arzinger is strengthening its presence in Asian markets


April 1st, 2021 Jack Chen joined Arzinger law firm’s team as a Counsel and the Head of China & EU Desk.

Mr. Chen has more than 18 years of professional experience. He began working as a business lawyer in China where he finished a Bachelor of Law in Beijing University. Following that he received a LL.M (with distinction) in European Business law from University Marseilles III, in France. Later he obtained Master of law from University de Liège, Belgium. He speaks fluent English, French, Chinese, German and Dutch.

Before joining Arzinger, Jack has worked with major international and independent law firms, including, McDermott LLP in Brussels and Houthoff Buruma in Rotterdam. Since 2014 Jack has been working as Belgian lawyer cooperating with DBB law firm in Brussels, chairing China Desk of the firm.

Jack specializes in international and EU trade & investment, M&A, IPRs, EU Competition and regulatory law. He also has a wide corporate law practice and advises on commercial law. He has been acting for a range of international companies, trade associations and governments both in China and in Europe.

“As a consulting lawyer in Europe and China I had a unique opportunity to significantly expand my expertise and obtain an invaluable piece of knowledge that may help in legal business growth. I am very proud to join ARZINGER team - the team of true professionals – and hope that our cooperation will open new horizons in business development,” - comments Jack Chen.

Last years ARZINGER has been working more intensively with clients from Asian region, so we see Jack Chen's arrival as a logical step for strengthening firm’s positions in the region. There is no doubt that Jack's expertise and experience will be indispensable in solving client’s issues and winning new projects and will allow our company to succeed in the Ukrainian and global markets. China has been increasing its presence all across the industries in Ukraine and we are delighted to have a chance to offer our Chinese clients much higher level of service & expertise with a highly qualified native speaker joining out team" – comments Timur Bondaryev, ARZINGER Managing & Founding Partner.


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