28 November 2023, 19:03

ArtAsters continues with the exhibition ART AT WAR & PEACE


On 23 November 2023 Asters and the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) presented the exhibition ART AT WAR & PEACE within the long-standing project ArtAsters promoting Ukrainian art. The project resumed after a waiting period since the full-scale war against Ukraine.

The new exhibition, held at the law offices of Asters, includes artworks of prominent contemporary Ukrainian artists Volodymyr Tovkailo, Inna Pantelemonova, and Pavlo Makedonskyi. The paintings are provided by artists and private collectors with the largest contribution made by the businessman and art patron Igor Shchukin. The opening event was attended by a large number of guests representing businesses, governmental and non-governmental agencies, international organisations, media, and the art community. 

Asters' Senior Partner Armen Khachaturyan commented "The ongoing horrible war fortunately has not ruined human's gear to artistry. The war pulled out new senses of what is the true meaning of freedom, justice, peace, and happiness. Volodymyr Tovkailo, Pavlo Makedonskiy, and Inna Pantelemonova are all well established and recognised names in the Ukrainian contemporary art. We are excited to present their new paintings born at a war time imbued with new senses, pain, hope, and energy enhancing human will and strength so needed to win in the war. This art cures, inspires, and unites. It feels so good that ArtAsters has been resumed with such a strong message filled with emotion and substance. And we always remember what a high price is being paid for turning our dreams about peace to reality. Glory to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and glory to all the heroes who sacrificed their lives for Ukraine!"

Morgan Williams, the President of the USUBC adds: "Art messages are very important at difficult times. Artists present in their work images that best tell the story the horror of war and also images of the future. The USUBC is happy to continue to support ArtAsters with such a powerful exhibition. Ukraine has suffered through many wars over hundreds of years and experienced other hostilities such as famine, red terror, and gulags. Ukraine and the spirit of its people have survived and will make it through this war, win and move forward to a new day."

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